Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Two for the Road

Some are inspired to clean during this season. Others to fall in love.

Not I.

I was inspired to facilitate the mastery of that all-important life skill: riding a bicycle.

Ladies and Gentlemen...I give you....

Two for the Road


Shelly said...

Yesssss!!!! Way to go buddy! :-D For the record, my brother (Mr. Bob himself) didn't learn to ride a two wheeler until he was 12. And that was only because my parents promised to buy him a Nintendo game if he did. His fear of falling was finally outdone by his motivation for video games. :-) Turned out that he loved riding after he learned! Was there anything special that motivated Wylie?

Jill Harris said...

Thanks for sharing that, Shelly! Actually, it was sheer desire to be able to do it. I had them out on my mountain bike the first attempt--too big a bike, too frustrating for all. On my way home from teaching yesterday I stopped at Target, picked up two 20inch bikes on sale, that did the trick. I would say an hour and a half total training time. Today, they rode all around the community park while I got my run in. Thrilled beyond belief. And, Tim (who is in Afghanistan right now) thinks I am the most amazing parent on the planet...miss you!