Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mother May I?

For many reasons, this month of May is extreme for me.

Two courses at CSU are underway and three courses at U of R have begun. For college professor types, this number of courses would be commonly called an "overload".

M-W-F mornings I'm on campus at CSU; every other Monday night and every Tuesday and Thursday night for the next six weeks I am on campus at U of R.

Combine that with my part-time work for SGCF, being a wife/mom, wannabe marathoner and you get an extreme month.

I knew it would be like this. But, knowing it would be and being in it are two different things.

This Sunday is Mother's Day...

If you were playing the childhood game...what would you ask?

Right now, I'd ask for the little charm Hermoine had in Harry Potter where she could go back and forth in time....

Mother May I?

1 comment:

Breann said...

Yes you may!!! You are a rockstar and an inspiration to us all.

Gotta get the words of Dory in your head. "Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming"

Love you and cant wait to see you finish the race.