Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Look, There's a Parking Lot Now

Out little town is watching the painfully slow construction of a Chili's Restaurant. When you have 12 Mexican Restaurants, 1 McDonalds, and 2 Del Taco' can see why we're all fairly interested in the grand opening. Wylie--who like most Aspergery-kids is very often master of the obvious--observed the parking lot is finished.

This is good news. And, it got me thinking...the parking lot is pretty important. Not just in business, but in life. Consider the business: they could have the best food in town, the most polite servers, the best ambiance. But, if people can't get to the restaurant, if they cannot get close, they won't come at all.

A parking lot says: we're expecting you. We're making a place for you to arrive. We want you to visit. We will help you get close.

Sometimes I think we decorate our homes/lives with all the best stuff: great furniture, good food, polite conversation, effiecient operations. But, if people can't get close to us, if they don't sense there's a place for them to arrive, if they don't feel invited or expected to be in relationship to us, they won't come at all.

Simple question: is your parking lot finished?


Claudia Cooley said...

Jill, I am so proud of you and that you have come to the place that you can finally tell your story. It is apparent that you have been pouring your heart out over the late night meeting with the computer and you are going to be blessed for not only sharing your heart, life and thoughts but for the lives you are going to touch. Thank you for being so brave. Claudia Cooley

Jill said...

Thank you for reading, Claudia! I appreciate your words of encouragement and the time you took to send them!