Monday, December 22, 2008

Big Year

Amidst market crashes and housing bubbles one child had a very big year:

Wylie Barnes Harris.

From his summer camp experiences (culminating in the zipline), his triumphant audition for a speaking part in this year's class musical, to most recently--agreeing to ride the California Screamin' roller coaster on our annual vacation trip--2008 will be remembered as a one big reality tv show for Wylie loosely patterned after "Fear Factor".

Tim, McKenna, Campbell and I have been jaw-dropped. If you had bet us a couple years ago he would have accomplished the list above, none of us would have taken the bet.

So, what changed? What clicked? What continues to prompt a child with extreme sensitivities and challenges to grow past his fears? I wish we could test what it is...I wish we could bottle it and give it away to other people in fear.

Maybe, it's been those prayers at night: "make us brave".

Maybe, it's unconditional love.

Maybe, it's imagination.

Maybe, it's positive "modelling".

Maybe, it's just growing up.

Maybe, it's just the beginning of many more amazing years watching Wylie zigzag toward his potential.

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