Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Something Wicked?

McKenna and I enjoyed one of the final LA performances of "Wicked" last night at the Pantages Theatre. What a treat! I'd heard some of the music and a lot of buzz about the production. It is nothing short of phenomenal--and, we had the extra-pleasure of listening to two of the original LA cast members: Eden Espinosa and Megan Hilty. The music and lyrics are magical, but these two young women prove that often there is nothing more electric than the human voice.

Am I gushing? Yes!

To say that McKenna was thrilled is an understatement. And, I was swept away for two hours into the Emerald City.

All this to say...

Could the artists and singers and writers and actors who are Christ-followers create something as powerful if they drew on the rich, colorful, chaotic, and sometimes dark cast of characters that roam throughout the Old and New Testaments? I mean...why not? These stories are engaging, full of danger, love, life, birth, death, battles between good and evil, sisters, brothers, husbands, wives, lovers, they reveal eternal themes and are truly at the heart of many modern "successful" stories, plays, musicals, and movies.

Why not?

But, let's be clear: it would have to be quality. Quality means money. Money means (generally) involving Hollywood-types with no interest in spreading the gospel. Surely, though, there would be a way to infiltrate this world and have a hand at creating some of the culture we enjoy.

Am I dreaming? Yes!

However, I am persuaded by the words of Elphaba (the Wicked Witch) herself:

I'm through accepting limits
'cuz someone says they're so
some things I cannot change
but till I try, I'll never know....

So, if you care to find me
Look to the western sky
As someone told me lately
"everyone deserves the chance to fly"
And If I'm flying solo
At least I'm flying free
To those who'd ground me
Take a message back from me:

Tell them how I
Am defying gravity
I'm flying high
defying gravity

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