Saturday, February 27, 2010

Silence is Golden

...or at least...bronze-ish.

It is rare (exceedingly so) that I am ever alone in my home. Sometimes I fantasize about it...(cut to: birthday party for 13 "tweens" last weekend), but it's always in an idealized way. If I were "alone" I would (completely renovate the spare bedroom, replant the garden, spring clean those nasty kitchen cupboards, finish the 12 books I've started reading, write a symphony, scrapbook...ha!) If the idealized version is to manifest it requires more planning and preparation.

I found myself alone in my home because:

a) 15 year old is at camp this weekend
b) 45 year old is on the east coast this weekend
c) 12 year old is at auntie's house (last minute invite)
d) 12 year old is at auntie's house (last minute invite)

Here is the list of what I've done so far:

a) watched two mediocre movies
b) consumed 3/4ths of an individual Brando from Gourmet Pizza Shoppe
c) went to bed without brushing my teeth
d) woke up at 9:30 & currently drinking coffee with cinnamon toast

I'm not proud of myself. But, even as I write this long overdue next blog entry, the silence emphasizes what is so true about my life: I covet the quiet but thrive in the noise.

Off to polish the silver...