Wednesday, July 16, 2008

5 Reasons I Love Tennis

I'm not very good.

But, I've come up with 5 reasons I enjoy tennis and keep playing (even at my "advanced"'s been three years since I exceeded the third point value in the game).

  1. Even if your serve is off you can still win by playing well defensively.
  2. There is no time to mourn a bad shot; you have to set up for the next one.
  3. There are fundamentals that can create a good game, but there is always room for "scrappy" shots and surprise points.
  4. Worthy opponents always compliment one another on good play.
  5. The better you know your opponent, the better your chance of winning.

If you love a sport, chances are some of these reasons could show up on your list, too. And, it's no secret that sport is a metaphor for life. Anyone ever "faulted" somehow at work and given up a few points, yet still ultimately succeeded by coming up with a good defensive stategy? Letting go of mistakes and failing forward to success are essential life skills. Sometimes the fundamentals of a situtaion may be stacked against you; still if you are creative and don't give up in your mind, you can make a "scrappy" move and surprise yourself and your peers. Complimenting and encouraging one another is simply good manners and holds with a lot of ancient wisdom. And, spiritually speaking, when we are aware of our opponent's tactics it is much more likely he won't get the best of us.

Love all.

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