Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Watch Uranus!

So, we're painting the playroom upstairs. It has been decorated circa 2002 when all the kids were quite small. Alphabet border, chalkboard paper, maps, and a fully 3-D solar system hanging from the ceiling.

Yesterday, we were doing the walls furthest from the sun.

As I'm up on the ladder cutting in on the top by the ceiling, Wylie shouts out a warning:

"Watch Uranus, Mom!"

Now, there's only two ways to take that advice...

My first impression was to check my shorts.

But, then I realized: he was spot on--Uranus was hanging dangerously close to the door trim and the wall and I had, in fact, got some acid green primer on the back side of Uranus. The planetary landscape has been changed permanently I'm afriad.

What is most amusing and interesting to me is that I've always had to sing a little song to recognize the planets (except for Saturn--I'm good with identifying that one. And, I've got Earth down). But, the for the rest, I have to sing this little song:
Oh the Sun's a bright star
Mercury's hot too
Venus is the Brightest planet
Earth's home to me and you
Mars is the red one
Jupiter's most wide
Saturn's got those icy rings
and Uranus spins on it's side
Neptune's really windy
Pluto's really small
You wanted to name them planets
And now we've named them all
(Thanks Blue and Steve)
That's the only way I can remember them. Wylie: he could pick out Uranus in a line-up at the Cosmic Police Station any day. Me: they all look the same.
So, as we paint today, I will be "checking six" more often. And, I'll make sure Uranus stays warm and dry, too.


steve & kindra said...

So funny, that you thought you bootie was in danger!! and I have GOTTA learn that song!!

Cozy Mom said...

Somewhere in my years of parenting I must have heard that song becasue I could sing it to the tune just by reading the words. Glad that your rear is intact, even if uranus isn't.

Jill said...

Christy: you and me both! I learned the song from Blues Clues years ago. There's just no way to avoid silly jokes with that planet!