Monday, July 21, 2008

How Will She Know?

We are going to see Wylie's pediatrician tomorrow. Oddly, she has not played a significant role in Wylie's diagnosis or treatment so far. Dr. Smith was the referring physician in the beginning (over 5 years ago) when he could not understand the boys' speech. Dr. Leparulo took over after that point.

Wylie's latest IEP (Individualized Educational Program) meeting revealed, however, that he would very quickly not qualify for continued services on the basis of speech alone. He has progressed quite well in that area. Still, his other issues persist. So, the process is one of formally identifying Wylie's diagnosis "now".

This should be interesting; how will she know what the last five years have been like? She'll have to read it in his previous IEPs, see it in his behavior in her office, experience it in her own interactions with him. It's rather like preparing for a scab to be picked off...there might be fresh blood, or a scar, or--at the very least--some severe itching and scratching.

We'll see.

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steve & kindra said...

I hate the term Good Luck, so I will just say, I will be praying!!!
Love ya girl!!