Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day

Once upon a time, a little boy watched fireworks from our bedroom veranda with a headset on to cover his ears.

Tonight, he will fully enjoy the sights and sounds of the Freedom Fest from our backyard...out with the people, amongst the chaos, part of the pageantry.

It is a day to celebrate all the acts of courage committed by the Founding Fathers of our country, their spouses, their children. And, a day to celebrate all the acts of courage ordinary people commit to foster independence in special children as well.

Thank you: Lavonne, Bonnie, Laurel, Dana, Laura, Robyn, Mrs. Ferguson, Cheryl, Patti, Mrs. Pleiss, Mrs. Matlock, Ms. Shva, Gayle, Tracy, Stephanie, Coach Carter, Mr. Spencer, Coach Trevor, Coach Kathy, Mrs. Sharon, Mr. Bob, Mrs. Gayle...and those who will continue this work in the future.

Happy Independence Day!

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steve & kindra said...

I didn't think about it until I read it...Wiley wasn't wearing the headset!!! What a blessing and how amazing he is growing and learning! You should be so proud and I know you are! ~ Kin