Friday, September 19, 2008

First Meet of the Season

Cross your fingers, say your prayers, will with all your might: Wylie swims in his first meet of the season Saturday morning. His events: 50 back and 100 breast. All we want is no DQ so he can begin his season with some new points toward his 100 point trophy.

In his prayers tonight he humbly asked: "God, please no end of the world" (code for "being disqualified").

It happens to all swimmers once in a while. It's happened to Wylie, Campbell, and McKenna. It's just that now, there's more on the line for Wylie because he understands what it means to improve. To make progress. And, he wants to get better now. He really didn't care before.

His coach is an angel. The team is pulling for him. I know you are, too.

Will report soon...

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