Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Night Lights

We live just above the local highschool.

On Friday nights for home games, the "Y" on the foothills is lit up with...some kind of fire light. It's the ultimate in nostaligic experiences.

I was driving by the game tonight and saw the cheerleaders up on their boxes, the visiting team's band in the stands, heard the roar of the crowd...and if I blinked I was back at my own alma mater. It's such a universal American icon: the highschool football game.

Maybe the million dollar synthetic turf will do the trick this year for the Thunderbirds? It will take a few more Friday night lights to find out.


Wendy said...

I used to love high school football games. There's just something so perfect about the fall air, bright lights, and a marching band. I am tempted to go back to my old high school's games but I don't think they would ever be as good as they once were. I think some things are best left as we remember them

Leigh said...

I'm doubting the magic of the turf. I love football games at my YHS, but they just don't have that winning ability. Go Mighty T-Birds!

Jill said...

Wendy--so true! It's always better in your mind.

Leigh--whenever I see the Y lit up, it reminds me of you. really!