Monday, September 8, 2008

Powell's Sweet Shoppe

Someday Wylie will say "This is where it all began...."

We visited this store on our recent trip to La Jolla and Wylie was utterly captivated! You can visit their site for pictures and the backstory

Tim was also impressed. He asked for "Ice Cubes" which are little chocolate squares he remembered from his childhood. The clerk immediately took him to a basket full of this exact candy. Wylie said he wanted to take a picture of Powell's to put in his first Sweets 'N Go.

"You know, Dad, like they have in Famous Dave's BBQ...they have a picutre of Porky's in there..."

So, the next time you are in La Jolla (or the other Powell's locations) drop in and pick up a sweet something from your past. Oh, and for real nostalgia, they play Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory non-stop in the back of the store!


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