Tuesday, September 16, 2008


The YST Swim Banquet was held in Park View Middle School's Fine Arts room last Saturday evening. It was a "Rewind to the 80's" Theme complete with a costme contest. Slash was there as were a few Madonna-look-a-likes.

Among the swimmers honored was none other than: Wylie Harris.

He received the Sportsmanship award for his age group from his coach, Kathy Fellenz.

She has coached Wylie for three years now. He is probably the oldest swimmer in her group and he has traditionally swam last in the lane (until recently...see archived posts from July).

But, last Saturday Coach Kathy and the entire coaching staff recognized Wylie for his character, his attitude, his persistence, and his courtesy toward other swimmers. He was presented a plaque along with his team trophy. The plaque joined his three other trophies from YST.

Now, these trophies used to sit on the trunk with all our downstairs "library" books and games behind the sofa. But, since Saturday's festivities these items are on proud display on the tray on our ottoman. I tried putting them back once already, to which he exclaimed:

"Mom! That's my trophy wall!"

I guess even Michael Phelps probably hasn't put away all those golds just yet...

Well done, Wylie!

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