Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Quotable for Wednesday

Campbell explaining what a "binder" is to Wylie:

Campbell: "You know, a binder. It's the thing that holds all your memories and stuff from school".

Wylie: "Well, how many memories do you have? Geesh!" (Campbell's binder is pretty big)

Watching Dancing With the Stars on Monday:

Me: "So, who are you voting for Wylie?" (me referring to which dance couple he liked this season)

Wylie: "Denise Hoyt" (she's running for city council here locally)

I'm sure there will be more election-related posts as Wylie is very dialed-in to the democratic process.


steve and kindra said...

Keep 'em coming.

Leigh said...

Everytime I come to town and I see the election signs I think of this story... :)