Sunday, September 7, 2008

Three Weddings and a Race

2000 swimmers come to La Jolla, CA every September for the annual Rough Water Swim.

Tim was numbered among them.

They come in all shapes and sizes, although most are pretty darn fit!

There were also other goings on...

We saw three different weddings: two in the Club House right above the Cove and one on the 5th floor terrace of the signature pink hotel just opposite the park. Beautiful weather all weekend although it was a bit on the sultry side with more humidity than normal.

McKenna and her swim friend, James, swam a half mile or so in the cove yesterday to warm up with Tim and Laurie (his swim friend!)

Campbell and Wylie enjoyed exploring the cove, too. It was just the two of them and several hundred other kids yesterday.

Wylie found a rock he liked and floated lazily looking at fish. Campbell raked in several beautiful shells including a petrified tooth from some kind of animal.

I like to think that Wylie will swim the mile at La Jolla some day. He is relatively fearless in the water and he loves the ocean. I'm sure I'll blog about it (or whatever the "thing" will be in three or four years) when he does do it.

Tim's group had a good showing in the race for their age groups. And, Trevor Hoyt from YST took 1st in the mile for his division!

Me? No way. I will keep to dry-land and watch with awe those who are more like fish than
Nemo and Dorie. Although, I like their motto: just keep swimming, just keep swimming....

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steve and kindra said...

Sounds like y'all had an awesome time. And I am sure as well, that someday Wylie will be swimming like his dad.