Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Latest Quotables from Wise Man

Today, on hearing our dear friend, Mrs. Breann--who is competing for that 27 dresses title this year as bridesmaid to a zillion brides-- would not be at church because she was at a wedding...

"What? She's getting married!? What about Mr. Nick?" (Nick is Breann's husband)

At Frugos:

"Vanilla Custard is the best. It's low fat you know".

When asked what the best part of our YST swim banquet:

"The dancing. Do you want to see my move?"

(picture the Peanuts during the Christmas play rehearsal)

When asked who is favorite Peanuts character is:

"Snoopy, because he's a dog. And, he's quiet. He doesn't talk a lot and I don't talk a lot".

To which sister and I rolled our eyes....

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Wendy said...

Those were great! I am sure he had some great dance moves. :-)

I was told this week that the word "kinder" means fresh. I was so confused as to where that might have originated until he told me "A "kinder"garten is a fresh garden. So kinder means fresh."

Too funny!