Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Filter

Often with Asperger people there is a common "symptom": no filter.

You know about the filter? The synapses in your brain that cue you when to say something and when it is probably not apporpriate or out-of-bounds?

With children, this usually results in humor (not offense), but it still requires some extra handling.

Yesterday's "no filter" moment:

While watching an episode of the a kid's show featuring the daughter of The Crocodile Hunter, Wylie pronounced:

"Yes, it is the dead Crocodile Hunter's daughter. One more dead parent and she'll be an orphan."

Now, that is a true and accurate statement. No one can fault Wylie for declaring the truth. But, you get the idea. These thoughts roll around in our brains and our "filter" generally grabs the ones that are questionable or better left unsaid. With Asperger, there is very little grabbing. They just roll on out from the brain to the mouth.

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