Friday, August 22, 2008

Ode to the Olympics

My boys will miss them.

Especially Wylie.

Campbell has paid attention to every sport and has really liked the track and field events and swim the most.

Wylie has enjoyed all the events, but I think he is the most swept up in the pageantry of it all. He likes the Gold Medal Moments that NBC does on the pre-show. He loves all the Olympic trivia. And, he is a particular fan of our National Anthem when it is played at the medal ceremonies.

He stands (every time) with his hand over his heart while it is played. He even said a few nights ago:

"Man, I worship this song".

These days that might not be politically correct, but I know what he means. It was an appropriate use of the word worship.

Wylie is proud of the athletes, proud of America, proud of our flag, proud of our country, loves God, loves people, loves seeing winners celebrated, and all of this in spite of the fact that none of these things are taught any more in school (because they cannot be legally or because curriculum committees believe they know what is best).

So, here's to the Olympics! For all the great drama, competition, thrills, spills, and triumph of human spirit. And, for being one of the only places humans can still wave the flags of their countries with pride.

As it should be.

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