Friday, August 29, 2008

A History-Making Day

Yes, Friday August 29th is a history-making day.

Because Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, has been chosen as McCain's VP running mate?


Because it's John McCain's 72nd birthday?


Because Wylie said to me in the car on the way home from school in a very casual way

"By the way, Mom, I tried a donut roll today in class".

(Me, trying very hard not to crash the truck)

"You ate something new today?"


"Yeah, you know it's like a donut except really small like a ball. A donut roll". (Donut conoisseurs might call it a donut hole).


"And, you liked it?"


"Yeah. It was pretty good".

Ladies and Gentlemen of ZigZagStraight , it is truly a day for the history books!