Thursday, August 7, 2008

Leadership Summit News


Willow Creek Association knows how to do equipping.
Our Solid Ground staff and some key leaders are attending the Summit live via satellite at a church in Alta Loma and it rocked today.

We heard from:

Bill Hybels Senior Pastor Willow Creek
Gary Haugen CEO Intl. Justice Mission
Bill George Harvard Business Professor and retired CEO Medtronic
Wendy Kopp founder of Teach for America
John Burke Lead Pastor of Gateway Church in Austin, TX
Efrem Smith, Lead Pastor Sanctuary Covenant Church Minn. MN

And, that was just today!
We go back for another full plate of leadership excellence tomorrow featuring Craig Groeschel of, Chuck Colson, Catherine Rohr, and Brad Anderson of Best Buy...

Big take-aways from today:

Bill's "Axioms"
  • Vision Leaks
  • Get the Right People Around the Table
  • Leaders Call Fouls (even on themselves)
  • Take a Flyer!
  • This is Church

Bill George (author of True North)

  • Follow your compass not your clock

Wendy Kopp in response to Bill's question

Bill "you shamelessly ask young seniors graduating to sacrifice"--

Wendy "we give them the OPPORTUNITY to sacrifice"

John Burke:

  • How many sexually active, drunk, single athiests do you have in your church?
  • Stay connected to Christ; fruit happens

Efrem Smith:

  • Spiritual storms happen when the high pressure of what God wants us to do bumps up against the low pressure of what we'd rather do

Much, much more to follow--

How privileged I felt to learn from these amazing leaders across the business and faith communities.


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