Saturday, August 16, 2008

On Saddleback's Presidential Forum

I am happily in awe of the post-forum "buzz" in the media about Rick Warren's conversation format with our two presidential candidates. It appears (although I'm sure there will be detractors) that this "novel" approach was very well received with CNN and their panel of experts.

Both men were as genuine and authentic (as any political candidate can be). The relaxed--and decidedly 'non-debate'--format catered to more realistic dialogue. The kind you and I might have at Starbucks over coffee. The kind most Americans would rather hear, in my opinion.

We all are so blessed with the freedom of choice; both of these men have good intentions. The "how" is different. But, people have been disagreeing about the "how" of societies ever since societies formed.

Rick Warren has opened a door that we all should respectfully walk through: genuine, authentic, conversation about our simillarities and differences. Well done.

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