Tuesday, August 19, 2008

When Vanilla Custard is Pina Colada

We have this delightful little frozen yogurt place, Frugos, in Yucaipa. It has been a family favorite for a few months now. Even Wylie likes it!

Well, he likes one particular flavor: Vanilla Custard.

Now, this is the type of place where you walk up and "serve" yourself. They rotate the flavors often and there's about 8 flavors in all. They have dry-erase signs above each station so that you know what you are dispensing.

So, last night, as a "back to school" treat, we went to Frugos at Wylie's request. What happened at the check-out transpired in about 20 seconds, but you know how time slows down in a crisis. I'm paying for our yogurts and I overhear a conversation beside me that goes something like...

"Dude, you said you had pina colada"

"Yeah, it's in the middle where it usually is"

"Dude, the sign says Vanilla"

(and this is the station from which Wylie innocently dispensed his yogurt).

Dude goes in the back and I'm beginning to process what has happened. Just as Wylie sticks his spoon in his mouth I dip my finger in his cup and quickly give it a lick: pina colada.

Now, if you have normal taste-buds that might throw you a bit, right? But, let's pretend you have super-normal taste-buds...and that tastes and smells are extremely significant to you (reference What's in a Nugget from July posts). I look at Wylie just as he is gagging and trying not to throw-up right there in the middle of Frugos.

He immediately dumps the whole $4 cup in the trash and with red-rimmed eyes says

"What's up with the vanilla?"

as I see Dude writing the correct label on the station sign.

Tragedy. Of epic proportions.

Maybe, just maybe, Frugo's can recover from this mistake.

Until then, no "vanilla" will pass Wylie's lips until it's been on mine first...

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